Frequently asked questions

1) What is and how is it different ? is an international dating service that connects people from around the world. We want to expand your dating opportunities. Our aim is to help you to discover new people whether you are interested in just a friendly conversation or a serious relationship.

We are different from other sites and some of the benefits given to you are:

a) All new registered members start with free access to all functions which includes unlimited emails

b) We have a built in translator

c) Members can send and receive free picture gifts

d) A public timeline (post board) is for members to leave notes and show their new photos.

e) Shy and or members only seeking friendship can send a friend request

f ) The founders found each other online and with their knowledge and experience decided to create this platform giving you access to a friendly,caring and genuine site where yu have the opportunity to meet like minded people at home or abroad.

Members worldwide are ready to meet you on

Register, create a profile, and start communicating.

2) How does Ukrainiandating deal with scam and online dating fraud? stands at the forefront of the industry’s battle against internet scam and fraudulent dating practices. Our website is not only
proactive in screening and identifying questionable profiles at all times, but also in taking immediate action against any members who attempt to misuse the system.

Safety tips. Never send any money to another member. When meeting another member ensure someone else knows when and where you are meeting a member. Do not give any other your personal contact details until you are sure it is safe to do so.

3) Do couples find success on Ukrainiandating?

Numerous people find friendships, relationships, and love on the internet.Our site is for members with serious intentions which should prove to be more successful than sites who do not take match making as seriously as ours.

4) Technical,Login & Registration issues? is built on a cutting-edge technology platform, with the most current innovations in the business for speed, usability and effectiveness.As such, our website is up-to-date and is a secure communication platform in the international online dating world.Technical,Login or Registration issues? Please do not hesitate to contact us.All details you provide are strictly confidential and fully protected. We are dedicated and work around the clock to bring you the best possible experience and we know trust is important to you.

After making your profile CHECK your email address is correct as verification will be needed, if incorrect email address is given your profile WON'T be activated. For assistance contact us

5) How to change to my own language?

In your profile click on edit and then select settings.Using the drop down menu ( language) select your preferred language and then at the bottom of the page click on the submit button. To change other pages at a glance click on your countries flag at the bottom right hand side of the page being viewed.

Join today and hopefully you will find your true love.

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updated 06/08/2018